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Samir Iqbal, Ph.D.
BMES Member

Where do you work?
I am an Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington.

What does membership in BMES mean to you?
It is a platform that stimulates my yearn to do the next thing.  I have come across so many fantastic people at BMES events and have made some long-lasting friendships.  BMES has given me a lot.

What is the focus of your work?
I do many things.  I have been involved with early cancer detection work for last 5 years.  I have led development of nanotextured micro devices to increase the selectivity of cell capture as well as imaging systems to quantify cell behavior on various substrates.

Tell us a fun/random fact about you!
I have worked in military, non-profits, start-ups and now in academia. Life is full of interesting lessons only if we go with the flow.