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Syam P. Nukavarapu, Ph.D
BMES Member

Where do you work?
University of Connecticut

What does membership in BMES mean to you?
It is great to be a member of BMES! I am a member of several professional societies, but I highly value BMES membership as it provided and continues to provide the opportunities required for me to grow as a researcher and mentor.  I am so enthusiastic about BMES; I have been serving BMES as a member of the Membership Committee for the last two years.
What is the focus of your work?
Working on the next paradigm of Tissue Engineering called "Intra-operative Tissue Engineering". It is to develop cells and biomaterial options necessary to implement Completely Intra-operative Tissue Engineering Strategies (CITES).  My laboratory is aimed at developing CITES as on-site therapy for tissue repair and regeneration. Although our group is looking at applying CITES for bone and osteochondral tissue engineering, this strategy could be extended for the repair and regeneration of other tissues and organs as well. The goal of this work is to rapidly translate tissue engineering methods and technologies to the clinic.
Tell us a fun fact about you!
I consider myself a good teacher until recently.  This was disproven when I started teaching alphabets and numbers to my two year old daughter. This experience hurt my ego a little bit, but taught me a valuable lesson that  it doesn't matter how much you know as long as  you do not know how to communicate and effectively teach. Now I know that the very same thing applies to our class room teaching as well.