Member Spotlight

BMES Spotlight Member:

Zachary Llaneras          
BMES Student Member

What school do you attend?
Medical Photonics Lab/ Florida International University
What does membership in BMES mean to you?
Even though I am a new member, my membership in BMES means a lot to me. My membership gives me a chance to see what is going on in the BME world today, it allows me to read new publications, and watch videos of other members’ experiences. Being a member and watching the conference videos has made me work harder on my research so that I can submit an abstract for a chance to present at the upcoming conference. My membership made me want to be more involved in BMES.
What is the focus of your work?
 I am currently interning in the Medical Photonics Lab at Florida International University and my work focuses on compression therapy for burn victims.  I am designing and constructing a wearable compression garment that will be able to provide real time measurement of pressure on the target tissue to patients and clinicians and communicate to a measuring station wirelessly. This compression garment would make it possible for burn victims to easily and efficiently utilize compression therapy.
Tell us a fun fact about you!
On the weekends I spend my time at a gym that’s dedicated to rock climbing.