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Lisa Tostanoski
BMES Student
What school do you attend?
University of Maryland, College Park
What does membership in BMES mean to you?
Membership in BMES opens up a vast network of researchers, providing opportunities to learn from and collaborate with other engineers in the field. I have set a goal for my graduate study to present my research at the BMES Annual Meeting to gain valuable feedback from other attendees. This opportunity is just one example of how membership in BMES can facilitate relationships between engineers and spark collaboration and new advances.
What is the focus of your work:
I am a graduate student in the Jewell Research Lab at University of Maryland, College Park. Our lab is focused at the intersection of biomaterials and immunology. I focus on the design of materials (e.g., nano- or micro-particles, polyelectrolyte multilayers) to generate specific, controlled immune responses.
Tell us a fun/random fact about you!
I was a competitive swimmer for 16 years and a member of Bucknell University's Varsity Swimming and Diving Team.