Member Spotlight

BMES Spotlight Member:

Christine E. Schmidt, Ph.D.
BMES Fellow

Where do you work?
University of Florida

What does membership in BMES mean to you?
A connection to a supportive and informative community!

What is the focus of your work?
Our research is focused on designing biomaterials-based therapies for neural regeneration - peripheral nerve and spinal cord repair. We use natural-based materials (e.g., hyaluronic acid, matrix proteins, decellularized tissues) as well as electroactive materials to stimulate and support axonal growth.

Tell us a fun/random fact about you!
I love to geocache. In fact, I find a way to spare some time at conferences to find a few geocaches. I also am more inclined to accept invitations to give seminars at locations where I have never found a geocache. My goal is to find at least one in every state in the US. Currently, I have found caches in 30 states (and 3 countries outside the US).