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Biomedical Engineering ranked No. 1 job in America

Biomedical Engineering is the top job in America according to a new ranking published by CNNMoney.

Biomedical Engineering landed the number one spot on the list based on the growth of the field, satisfying work and competitive salaries, according to the article.

Biomedical Engineering Society President Elect Richard Hart provided information for article, highlighting that the field is great for those with a technical aptitude and a desire to make the world a better place. Hart is chair of the biomedical medical engineering department at The Ohio State University.

BMES Fellow and Chair of the University of Florida Biomedical Medical Engineering Department Christine Schmidt also participated in the article. “You can impact so many lives by creating technology that will repair a hip or help repair eyesight or allow somebody to breathe better,” Schmidt said.

Biomedical Engineering beat out other fields including software architect, general surgeon and management consultant. The list includes 100 jobs.