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Please select the member type you wish to join and follow instructions on the application form.  If you have any questions, please contact the BMES membership department at 301-459-1999.

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If you need assistance, please call BMES at 301-459-1999.
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Type: Individual Record
Description: Candidates for Member-level membership in BMES must have earned a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in BME/BE or a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in a related engineering or natural sciences field. In addition, Affiliate BMEs who provide professional services and support products; including but not limited to patent attorneys, resume writing services, translation services, laboratory equipment and support products, may apply to join the Society at the Member rate.  
Membership Cost: $200.00
Membership Length: 12 month(s)
Online Directory: 1 online directory category is included with the membership.
CMBE-Special Interest Group ($25.00/each)
Medical Devices - Special Interest Group ($25.00/each)
Advanced Biomanufacturing - Special Interest Group ($25.00/each)
Boston Industry Networking Group
Silicon Valley Industry Networking Group
North Carolina (Research Triangle Park) Industry N
Atlanta Industry Networking Group
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